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Zhengzhou Shinewash Technology Co. Ltd. was founded in 2016, which is a professional automatic car wash machine manufacturer in Zhengzhou, China. Our company focuses on researching, developing and manufacturing full-automatic car wash machines which include tunnel car wash system, rollover (gantry) car wash machine, 360 degrees touchless car wash machine, bus wash machine and truck wash machine. We have more than 50,000 square meters of production and office area and over 100 employees. Shinewash is a famous brand of car wash machine in China. We exported automatic car wash machines more than 80 countries in past years.


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Touchless Car Wash Machine​​

Touchless Car Wash Machine K3​

Galvanized frame, 304 stainless steel nozzle, good price, stable system, ideal cleaning effect

Touchless Car Wash Machine K6​

360° rotating sprint arm, high power fan, high pressure floor pre-rinse function

Touchless Car Wash Machine Z9​

Automatic sensing best cleaning distance, automatic avoidance system, LED foam waterfall wall

Automatic Rollover Car Wash Machine​​

Rollover (gantry) Car Wash Machine S1​

Brush type car wash machine efficient cleaning, imported EVC material brush does not hurt the car paint

Rollover (gantry) Car Wash Machine S3​

Automatic unattended car wash system, saving labor cost and improving profitability

Rollover (gantry) Car Wash Machine S9​

Remote Internet of Things control system, check and solve problems anytime and anywhere

Tunnel Car Wash Machine​​

Tunnel Car Wash Machien Q9​

Fast car wash, can wash multiple vehicles at the same time, low water and electricity consumption, low failure rate

Tunnel Car Wash Machien Q11​

Car wash efficiency is higher, 300-500 car wash a day, the car wash store with high traffic flow is applicable

Tunnel Car Wash Machien Q14​

6 fans to do 100% air dry, support the design of custom car wash according to the site

Automatic car wash machine customization​

SHINEWASH supports the customization of automatic car wash, you can customize the car wash according to the size of your site, we will be fully responsible for your site design, customization, production and transportation services and other operations

Greater Flexibility

The car wash business gains greater flexibility to meet the needs of different venues.

Increased Efficiency

Perform specific functions and steps to improve efficiency and increase revenue.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Customize the car wash according to market demand to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Product details

SHINEWASH car wash machine,95% imported components, longer service life and lower maintenance costs

Product Function

SHINEWASH car wash machine updated product program, the whole unmanned operation, reduce labor costs, environmental protection intelligent water saving system to reduce the cost of consumption, remote fault monitoring system, self-feeding identification of car wash machine fault reporting.

SHINEWASH Customer Visit

How May I Help You?

At our Car Wash Factory, we are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service from start to finish.

Choosing the right car washing machine:

At our factory, we offer several types of car washing machines, each with its unique features and benefits. Our experienced sales team will work closely with customers to evaluate their specific needs and recommend the best machine that suits them. This ensures that they get the most effective and efficient machine for their budget, which ultimately leads to better cleaning results and increased profitability.

Providing excellent after-sales service:

We believe that customer satisfaction doesn’t end with the sale of the machine. As such, we offer comprehensive after-sales services that include maintenance, repairs, and upgrades. Our highly trained technicians have extensive experience and will quickly diagnose and address any issues that arise with the machine, ensuring minimal downtime for customers. Moreover, our annual maintenance contracts ensure that the machines remain in excellent working condition throughout their life cycle, offering peace of mind and maximum ROI.

Maximizing Profitability:

We understand that profitability is a top priority for any business owner. As such, we offer customized training programs that help customers maximize the efficiency of their machines and improve wash quality, resulting in a more profitable operation. We also offer revenue-generating solutions such as loyalty programs, marketing materials, and value-added services that attract more customers, increase repeat visits and ultimately increase profitability.

SHINEWASH Car Washing Machine Type​

Fully automatic car washing machine manufacturer, production and wholesale factory

Touchless Car Wash Machine

Rollover Car Wash Machine


Tunnel Car Wash Machine


Through Bus Wash Machine

Rollover Car Wash Machine

Rollover Bus Wash Machine

Customized Car Wash Machine Types

  • Touchless Car Wash Machine
  • Rollover Car Wash Machine
  • Tunnel Car Wash Machine
  • Tunnel Car Wash Machine
  • Through Bus Wash Machine
  • Rollover Bus Wash Machine
  • Customized Car Wash Machine


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