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Zhengzhou Shinewash Technology Co. Ltd. was founded in 2016, which is a professional automatic car wash machine manufacturer in Zhengzhou, China. Our company focuses on researching, developing and manufacturing full-automatic car wash machines which include Tunnel car wash system, Rollover (gantry) Automatic car wash machine, 360 degrees touchless car wash machine, Bus wash machine and truck wash machine. We have more than 50,000 square meters of production and office area and over 100 employees. Shinewash is a famous brand of car wash machine in China. We exported automatic car wash machines more than 80 countries in past years.

Technology research and development strength

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Automatic car wash service​

We operate more than 1000 automatic car wash service stations in China. We provide 24-hour unattended car wash service by using the car wash machines we made by ourselves. They locate at gas stations, parking lots and charging stations


Car wash machine installed in China​​

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Shinewash has more than 30% market share of automatic car wash machines in China. Our equipment is broadly installed at car wash shop, parking lots, gas stations and charging stations and so on.

Production Capacity

We can produce more than 150 sets of all kinds of automatic car wash machines every month so that we can fulfil the needs of customer from all over the world.


Shinewash is not only a car wash machine manufacturer but also a professional automatic car wash service provider.


We operate more than 1000 car wash stations which locate at parking lots or gas stations in China, which use automatic car wash machine made by ourselves. That’s why we deeply understand how important the after-sales service is.

Service Provider

A large amount of money is spent every year to develop more stable PLC car washing procedures and improve assembly lines to reduce the failure rate of car washing machines. Comes with a 3-year warranty, with all parts that need to be replaced free of charge within three years.


A one-stop customized service provider from the research and development of fully automatic car washing technology to the official operation of car washing machine sites, providing all-round delivery services

Quality Inspection
After-sales Service

Our production capacity is about 150 sets per month. The delivery time is about 3-7 days. Customers can customize any logos, colors and appearances for the car wash machines they purchase. We also provide remote diagnosis service for all the machines we sold so that we can provide customers with solutions for any possible faults at the fastest speed.

Shinewash always adhere to the needs of customers as the guide, in order to create high-quality, high-reliability, energy-saving automatic car washing equipment, Shinewash ! make the life easier!

Our Passion​


SHINEWASH Automatic Car Wash Factory is excited to welcome foreign customers who are interested in our state-of-the-art automatic intelligent unmanned car washing system. We invite you to visit our factory and witness the cutting-edge technology used in our car washing machines that ensure superior performance and efficient car washing.Our Passion​

If you’re considering investing in an automatic car washing machine for your business, look no further than SHINEWASH Automatic Car Wash Factory. Our advanced car washing technology is designed to provide outstanding performance and top-of-the-line car washing capabilities that are sure to impress. With a fast recovery of costs within 2-3 months, our machines offer exceptional profitability for your business.

At SHINEWASH, we understand the importance of after-sales service, which is why we offer a comprehensive 3-year after-sales service to ensure the ongoing success of your car wash business. Our team of skilled technicians is always available to provide timely maintenance and repairs, along with any technical assistance needed to keep your car washing machines operating efficiently.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for innovative and profitable car washing machines and excellent after-sales support, look no further than SHINEWASH Automatic Car Wash Factory. We welcome the opportunity to show you our state-of-the-art technology and help you achieve success in the competitive car wash industry.

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Our Goals

There are many new technology development trends in fully automatic contactless car washers, the most important of which are intelligent control systems, multi-function cleaning modes and improved cleaning efficiency.

Intelligent control system: In order to improve car washing needs and experience, “intelligent control system” is continuously developed. For example, using voice control and sensing technology, car owners can communicate with their washing machines through natural interactions and clear instructions. At the same time, the predictive maintenance system uses Internet of Things technology to predict possible equipment problems and solve them in a timely manner through real-time monitoring of equipment status and equipment data analysis, reducing failure rates and maintenance costs.

Multi-functional cleaning mode: With the continuous updating and upgrading of technology, more personalized cleaning modes have appeared first to meet the different cleaning needs of users.

Improve cleaning efficiency: A fully automatic contactless car washing machine not only needs to improve cleaning quality, but also needs to ensure efficiency. For example, the application of high-precision nozzles and water-saving technology can reduce water consumption, while using stronger cleaning agents and higher-pressure water jets can speed up the car washing process, thereby improving efficiency and reducing the number of car washes and time.

SHINEWASH fully automatic car washing machine factory is committed to meeting the needs of consumers. In addition to 360-degree all-round cleaning of the car body without dead spots, it also provides a variety of personalized cleaning functions, using corresponding cleaning agents and methods according to the vehicle model and detailed areas, which comprehensively improves cleaning and safety performance.

In terms of after-sales service, Xinwash provides three years of comprehensive after-sales service, covering a series of issues such as equipment online or on-site faults, parts replacement, regular inspections, equipment upgrades, etc. The professional technical team responds quickly to solve problems, allowing consumers to buy and use with peace of mind. Regular questionnaires and customer feedback help Xinxi promptly summarize and provide feedback on product innovation directions, promote technology upgrades, and continuously improve product quality and performance.

Environmental friendly:

The direction of SHINEWASH is to promote low-carbon, energy-saving and environmentally friendly cleaning methods, reduce environmental pollution and save energy.

Application of environmentally friendly materials: Recyclable materials are used to make the machine shell and chassis, and green elements such as green walls are used for decoration to optimize indoor air quality and create a good user experience for customers.

Application of energy-saving technology: In the future, fully automatic contactless car washing machines will adopt a variety of energy-saving technologies, such as solar LED energy-saving lighting systems, variable frequency energy-saving water pumps, etc., and use automatic ventilation technology to maintain air circulation, effectively reducing energy consumption while improving cleaning efficiency and quality.

Environmental protection mode setting: In addition to the above measures, the environmental protection mode setting can also reduce the consumption of detergent and the waste of water resources. At present, there are already machines on the market that can detect whether the vehicle has completed pre-cleaning through intelligent systems, thereby reducing the waste of resources caused by unnecessary re-cleaning.

Therefore, SHINEWASH fully automatic car washing machine factory also pays attention to the needs of environmental protection. In terms of equipment design and manufacturing, materials and technologies that comply with international environmental protection standards are selected, and photovoltaic power generation systems may be used to support future machine operations.

At the same time, new cleaning agents, low carbon, no ozone pollution, and some environmentally friendly cleaning modes are used for consumers to choose freely. These measures can help consumers reduce their negative impact on the environment and achieve sustainable development goals.

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