SHINEWASH fully automatic car wash machine payment system

SHINEWASH fully automatic car washing machine provides a complete automatic payment system to provide corporate customers with comprehensive washing functions. From basic customer management to VIP customer service to data statistics of car washing machine sites, we provide a seamless and efficient process, making the car washing business completely hassle-free.

SHINEWASH koisk payment system

SHINEWASH automatic car wash machine payment system payment method

This system provides a variety of payment methods, including cash, credit card, VIP card, mobile payment, etc., to meet the payment habits and needs of different users. At the same time, the system also provides detailed payment records to facilitate users’ account management and statistical analysis of consumption.

Payment system security protection

Security of the payment system

The Koisk payment system of SHINEWASH fully automatic car wash machine uses encryption technology to protect the security of data transmission, and ensures that payment information is not intercepted by hackers through SSL or other encryption protocols. At the same time, the payment system uses secure payment gateways and payment service providers to ensure that user payment information is isolated from the car wash system, and anti-fraud measures are taken to identify and block potential fraud. In addition, the payment system focuses on user data protection and privacy policy compliance, strictly abides by relevant laws and regulations, and ensures the security of user payment information and personal data.

Koisk payment system function display

Basic Information

Basic Information

Customer Management
Station Management
Machine Management
User Management

VIP Card Management

VIP Card Management

VIP Card Management
VIP Card Deposit
VIP Card Replacement
VIP Card Consumption

Credit, bank card payment system

Credit/bank card payment system

Koisk integrated credit card/bank card payment system

Cash Payment System

Cash Payment System

Global Automatic Cash Payment System

Report Management

Report Management

Car Wash Machine Summary
Order Details
Order Summary
Payment Methods Summary
Customer Order Summary
VIP Card Deposit Summary

Function settings

  • Basic information: View and modify personal info, set frequently used vehicle info.
  • Customer management: Manage customers, add/edit customer info, view consumption records, group customers.
  • Station management: Manage car wash stations, add/edit site info, view consumption records, formulate business strategies.
  • Machine management: Manage car washing machines, view machine info, report faults, view maintenance records.
  • User management: Manage users, add/edit user info, view consumption records, group users.

VIP card management

The VIP card management function is mainly used to manage VIP cards. Merchants can add new VIP cards, edit VIP card information, view VIP card consumption records, etc. Through the VIP card management function, merchants can better understand the usage of VIP cards, thereby improving customer satisfaction.

VIP card deposit:
The VIP card deposit function is mainly used to manage VIP card deposits. Merchants can view the VIP card deposit details, recharge the deposit, refund the deposit and other operations. Through the VIP card deposit function, merchants can ensure the safety and compliance of funds.

Bin Card Redemption:
The guest card redemption function is mainly used to redeem damaged or expired guest cards. Merchants can apply for a new VIP card in the system and handle the redemption procedures for customers. Through the card redemption function, merchants can improve customer satisfaction and increase customer stickiness.

VIP card consumption:
The VIP card consumption function is mainly used to record the consumption of VIP cards. Merchants can view VIP card consumption records, generate consumption reports, etc. Through the VIP card consumption function, merchants can better understand customers’ consumption habits and formulate targeted marketing strategies.

Report management:
The report management function is mainly used to generate various reports. Merchants can generate customer order summary, VIP card deposit summary, parameter setting and other reports as needed. Through the report management function, merchants can better understand business conditions and provide data support for decision-making.

Credit/bank card payment system

The fully automated credit card/bank card payment system is a convenient and fast way to pay. Users only need to insert their bank card into the car washing machine and follow the system prompts to complete the payment. This payment method not only saves time, but also effectively avoids disputes and risks in cash transactions. In addition, the fully automatic bank card payment system also supports a variety of bank card types, such as credit cards, debit cards, etc., to meet the needs of different users.

Full Automatic Cash Payment System

The fully automated banknote payment system is a traditional payment method. After the user puts coins into the car washing machine, the system will automatically recognize and start the car washing service. This payment method is simple and easy to use, and is suitable for users who do not have bank cards or are inconvenient to use bank cards. The fully automatic banknote payment system also has a change function, ensuring that users will not worry about change problems during the car wash.

Overview of car cleaning machines

The car washing machine overview function is mainly used to introduce the working principle and performance characteristics of the fully automatic car washing machine. Through this function, merchants can have a more comprehensive understanding of the advantages of car washing machines, thereby enhancing their brand image and competitiveness.

  • Order details and summary: View and filter order information for quick understanding of order status.
  • Summary of payment methods: Count usage of different payment methods for optimization.
  • Customer order summary and VIP card deposit summary: Count customer consumption and VIP card usage for analysis of spending power and loyalty.