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Rollover Automatic Car Wash Machine – The ultimate technology for unattended car washing. This car washing machine has a top-notch PLC control system, advanced spray system, foam system, waxing system, etc. to ensure excellent performance, convenience and efficiency. It can wash about 200 cars per day on average, making it very suitable for busy wash stations. An effortless way to maintain the appearance of your vehicle.





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The Automatic car wash machine is a fantastic car washing solution that allows car owners to maintain their vehicles’ cleanliness with ease. This highly efficient and convenient car wash machine boasts a sophisticated PLC control system, powerful spray system, foam system, and waxing system that work together to provide an exceptional cleaning experience. Offering superior performance, convenience, and efficiency, the Automatic car wash machine is suitable for busy individuals who want to keep their cars looking great without compromising their busy schedules.

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Keep your car looking fresh and sparkling clean with the highly advanced Automatic car wash machine. This sleek and modern car wash uses cutting-edge technology, including a powerful PLC control system, precise spray system, powerful foam system, and waxing system to provide an effortless and effective cleaning experience. The Automatic car wash machine makes it easy for car owners to maintain their vehicles’ appearance without wasting time or effort on manual cleaning, providing exceptional convenience and efficiency that you’ll love.

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Say goodbye to the traditional car wash and hello to the advanced Automatic car wash machine – the ultimate car wash solution for modern drivers. Utilizing a highly efficient PLC control system, powerful spray system, advanced foam system, and waxing system, this top-performing car wash machine ensures a speedy and comprehensive car washing experience. Whether you’re looking for unmatched convenience, efficiency, or performance, the Automatic car wash machine exceeds all expectations, making it the perfect solution for today’s busiest drivers.

Main Accessory

Main Parts Brand and Place of Origin

NameBrandSpecificationPlace of Origin
Control System PLCMitsubishiFX3U-80MR/ES-AJapan
Photoelectric sensorBannerS186E/S18SN6RAmerica
Proximity switchPepperl+FuchsM12/M18/M30Germany
Frequency ConverterSiemens6SL3210-5BE17-5UVOGermany
AC ContactorSiemens3RT6016-1AN22/3RT6018-1AN22Germany
Heat ProtectorSiemens3RU6116-1AB0/1CB0/1GB0/4AB0Germany
Switching Power SupplyMean WellRSP-320-24Taiwan
Terminal BlocksWeidmullerUK-6N/UK-5NGermany
Terminal BlocksNanouUKK5Zhejiang
Pneumatic Electromagnetic ValveAirTAC4V210-08-B terminal type DC24V PTTaiwan
Waterproof Motor ReducerSITI/ASJ1:50/1:60/1:15/1:30-0.37—1:60-0.55Italy/China
Water PumpDayuan3-96Zhejiang
Current DetectorQidianMK1526   AC0-5A/4-20MA   power supply 24VAnhui
Signal IsolatorQidianGLK-11 /4-20MA/4-20MA  power supply 24VAnhui
Solenoid Valve for WaterYongchuangYCD21-15GBN-S91BNingbo
Touch Display ScreenWeinviewMT6071iETaiwan
Air CylinderAirTACM32*125Taiwan

Main Configuration

Main System

1Integral hot-dip galvanized steel main frame15Intelligent copy current top brush system
2Module design, mortise and tenon structure16New rack drive unencumbered side arm system
3Coupling conversion transition rotation system17High quality anti-kneading pipe and wire/stainless steel accessories
4Specially thickened bearing, precision rotating chain18Pressure resistant and flexible high pressure water pipe
5International famous brand electric and pneumatic system control center19LED signal light and display system
6Triple photoelectric protection 180 degree touch anti-collision Technology20Anti freezing and drainage function in winter
722KW fixed air drying fan21
Free switching function of multiple wash modes
8Intelligent variable frequency speed control22Automatic high pressure water system
9Intelligent proportioning of foam and water wax23Water circulation system
10HD large screen embedded touch screen operation interface (central control and operating system)24Self protection system
11Bonner photoelectric detection system25Intelligent anti-collision system
12High performance Siti waterproof motor, reducer26Fault alarm and automatic processing system
13Silent stainless steel high pressure centrifugal pump27Remote control parts operating system
14Stainless steel waterproof sealing walking wheel28Emergency stop system of the whole machine


automatic rollover car wash machien

New Frame Design

Automatic car wash machine, with a frame treated with high-temperature phosphating and hot galvanizing for corrosion resistance. The main frame is made of high-quality normalized steel plates, accurately positioned by laser cutting, folded, shaped, sandblasted, galvanized, and painted, and assembled using mortise and tenon splicing. The machine features a standard modular design that is sturdy and resistant to deformation. The rust prevention process includes phosphating, galvanizing, and high-temperature automobile paint baking, ensuring a service life of over 15 years.


Imported Quality EVA Brush 

Solid, non porous, soft and safe, no damage to paint, no sediment, no water absorption, not easy to twine, anti-aging, wear-resistant. The car body and tire parts are respectively configured with soft and hard brushes with different flexibility, and completely wrapped cleaning, it can not only ensure that the paint is not damaged, but also thoroughly clean the hub and other parts that are easy to accumulate dirt. The service life can reach 400,000 times. If 100 cars are washed every day, 36500 times a year, the service life is more than 10 years.

New Intelligent Air drying Control System 

New Intelligent Air drying Control System

Shinewash car wash machine adopts a 4-fan fixed air drying system, which can automatically adjust the air drying power according to the vehicle model, reducing power consumption and saving energy under the condition of ensuring the air drying rate of more than 95%. The main body of the fan adopts turbine type, with noise reduction of more than 60%.


Reduced Motor

The reduction motor in the car wash machine is a key component, providing reliable and efficient operation. It is made of high-quality materials for durability and longevity. It is solid, leak-proof, and safe. It has excellent resistance to sediment and water absorption, ensuring long-term efficiency. The motor is designed to be anti-aging and wear-resistant. Its service life can reach 400,000 cycles, showcasing remarkable longevity.

Program Control, 24-hour Business Unattended

Program Control, 24-hour Business Unattended

Support remote control, program scanning and startup, and can be completely unattended and open for 24 hours. At the same time, we provide customers with platform customization services, and develop special car washing control platforms and programs for customers.

PLC Remote Control System

Fully automatic Mitsubishi PLC computer control system, faster operation speed, lower failure rate, and can be updated remotely, remote monitoring, remote diagnosis, remote control eiminate the need for a service technician and reduce the downtime and maintaince costs.

Smart Water Recycling System

Car wash water process introduction

The intelligent water circulation system plays a very important role in the car washing machine. It can not only improve the cleaning efficiency and reduce the waste of water consumption, but also reduce the negative impact on the environment. Here’s how important a smart water recycling system is to a car wash system and how important it is to the environment

  • Water saving and emission reduction
  • Guarantee the health and safety of users
  • Resource recycling
  • Improve efficiency and reduce costs
  • Reduce environmental pollution
  • Enhance brand recognition

SHINEWASH automatic car wash koisk payment system


SHINEWASH fully automatic car wash machine provides a complete automatic payment system. From basic customer management to VIP customer service to on-site data statistics of the car wash machine, we provide a seamless and efficient process.

  • VIP card, credit card, cash, etc.
  • Customer information management
  • Car wash site information statistics

Smart IoT-Smart Cloud Remote Management System

What is Smart Cloud Remote Management System?

The intelligent cloud remote management system is an intelligent Internet of Things system of the car wash machine factory, which can remotely monitor, debug and maintain the car wash equipment through the Internet.

What functions does the intelligent cloud remote management system have?

The intelligent cloud remote management system can provide functions such as real-time monitoring of the car wash machine’s running status, automatic detection of faults and providing maintenance support, data statistics and analysis.

What type of car wash system is suitable for the intelligent cloud remote management system?

Most types of car wash systems can be integrated into the intelligent cloud remote management system to achieve fully automatic, unmanned car wash services, including tunnel-type, vertical-type, drum-type, and manual car wash machines.

Why use the smart cloud to remotely manage the car wash system?

Using the intelligent cloud remote management car wash system can improve efficiency, reduce maintenance costs, improve service quality, and increase customer satisfaction. Because it can remotely control and monitor the car wash equipment operation at different locations, automatically alarm in case of a malfunction and provide remote maintenance support, while also customizing car wash solutions according to customer needs.