Rollover Car Wash Machine S3

 Automatic car wash machine S3 is becoming increasingly popular among car owners and car wash businesses due to their many advantages. In addition to being more convenient and efficient than traditional hand washing methods, automatic car wash machines also provide superior cleaning performance thanks to features like high-pressure water sprays, rotating brushes, and specialized chemicals. These machines are also safer for vehicles, as they typically feature touch-free washing systems and sensors that prevent collisions with the machine’s equipment.


Rollover Car Wash Machine S3 Feature:

1. Unattended for 24 hours, saving time and economize labour.
2. More than 90% of the parts are imported, such as PLC, reducing motor, control system, etc.
3. Hot-galvanized mainly frame, module design, mortise and tenon structure.
4. Intelligent anti-collision system, self protection system, emergency stop system.
5. 5 brushes with foam spraying and water wax spraying shstem.
Mathched with winter antifreeze drainage function to prevent the pipe freezing.

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Rollover Car Wash Machine Advantages

  • Intelligent frequency conversion system, and Intelligent liquid proportioning system, more energy-saving.
  • Fault self-test system, more reassuring.
  • Adopted with the hot galvanizing process technology, anti-corrosion and anti rust life can reach 15-20 years.
  • The imported brush with special quality has a long service life, ensuring that it will not hurt the car paint and can be thoroughly cleaned.
  • Adopt the imported electronic components that ensure the machine low failure rate, high stability and long life time.

Rollover Car Wash Machine Specification:

ModelAutomatic Rollover Car Wash Machine S3Shampoo & Water Wax Consumption10-30ML /Car
Machine Size (m)L2.85*W3.85*H3Electricty Consumption0.6KWHCar
Max. Car Size (m)L6.0*W2.1*H2.1Power Supply
380V 50HZ 20KVA
Standard Installation Size (m)L11.0*W3.7*H3.1Power25KW
Sutable CarsCar I Jeep / minivan with less than 7 seatsTop Brush1 pc
Wash Time2-5min/CarBig Vertical Brush2 pcs
Water Consumption60- -80L /( CarSkrt Brush2 pcs


PLC control system

PLC control system

Germany SIEMENS famous brand, the system is stable, with low failure rate, long life time

EVA soft brush

EVA soft brush

Brush self-cleaning technology, no water, no dust, no sand, not easy to deform, soft without damaging car paint

Big power fan drying motor

Big power fan drying motor

which can automatically adjust the air drying power according to the vehicle model, reducing power consumption and saving energy under the condition of ensuring the air drying rateof more than 95%. The main body of the fan adopts turbine type, with noise reduction of more than 60%

SITI water proof motor reducer

SITI water proof motor reducer

Italy SITI international brand,fully enclosed integrated design,waterproof grade IP68,life time is more than 20 years



Germany P+F international brand, waterproof level IP69K, accurately measure the car driving distance, predict the car location

Stainless steel pipe & nozzles

Stainless steel pipe & nozzles

Using high pressure fan drying motor, high wind speed, high pressure, to achieve rapid fan drying effect, perform segmented and powerful fan drying on the whole car;

SHINEWASH Prodution Workshop

Quality & Control

  • Component traceability
  • Component quality inspection
  • Detection before installation
  • Complete machine test


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Our Services

 Guarantee period: 3 years( 100,000 times), in guarantee period, if the machine have any question, we could provide the parts free of charge.

Shinewash car washing machine after-sales service

Pre-sale service:

Our professional engineer could help you draw design drawings and installation drawings, so that you can save a lot of complicated processes

Parts service: ​

We will provide enough spare parts when shipment, such as nozzels, bearing, seals, walking wheels and so on.

After-sale service:

When the machine has any question when using, we could guide you exchange the parts by video, until get better. If necessary, we could send the professional after-sales team to your shop and repair it.

Customized service:

Our car wash machine could be customized, such as main component, appearance, color, logo and so on.


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