Touchless Car Wash Machine K6

Save time, effort, and money with our Touchless Car Wash Machine K6. Our advanced system utilizes next-generation technology to ensure that the washing process is effortless, reduce harmful chemicals and complete in just minutes. The intelligent design ensures compatibility with virtually all modern vehicles, from small cars to large SUVs and buses.

touchless car wash machine K6

Touchless Car Wash Machine
Product Feature:

1. Applicable cars models: Sedans, SUVS, MPV, etc.
2. Hot galvanizing + electrostatic spraying install frame with high anti-corrosion and anti rust function
3. 360° high pressure water wash,360° foam spray,360° wax spray, chassis and wheel hubs high pressure water wash.
4. Adopted 380V 4pcs * 5.5KW fan drying motor, strong wind and fast drying speed.
5. Adopt imported well-known brand electronic components, with longer service life, stronger durability and lower failure rate.
6. Lower water consumption, lower power consumption and faster car washing time.

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Touchless Car Wash Machine Product advantages

  • Unattended for 24 hours, saving time and economize labour.
  • Adjustable installation, more flexible frame.
  • Embedded air drying motor, the system is much more clean.
  • Intelligent frequency conversion system, and Intelligent liquid proportioning system, more energy-saving.
  • Adopt the software architecture of sustainable lifting.

Touchless Car Wash Machine Specification:

ModelK6Water Pressure8-10MPa
Machine Size (m)L7.75*W3.7*H3.2Foam Consumptio20-150ML
Max. Car Size (m)L 6.0*W2.6*H2.0Water Wax Consumption20-150ML
Installation Size (m)L8*W4*H3.3Electricity Consumption0.5-0.8KWH/Car
Fan Drying Motor4*5.5KWPower Supply380V 50HZ
Wash Time2-5min/CarWater Pump Motor Power1 5KW
Water Consumption90-140LSuitable CarsSedans, SUVS, MPV, etc.


Chassis and wheel hubs washing

Chassis and wheel hubs washing

Powerful high pressure water washing of chassis and wheels hubs, timely washing of sludge and dirt, to prevent chassis rust and hubs damage


360 degree spray wipe free car wash fluid

360 degree energy saving spray atomized car washing liquid, covering the whole body of the car, save energy and improve car washing effect at the same time


360 degree Foam spraying

360 degree spraying foam evenly, covering each parts of the car, improving the decontamination efficiency, and giving full play to its function of maintaining the paint surface of the car


360 degree high pressure water washing

360 degree surrounding high pressure water washing the car again, cleaning the foam, which is equivalent to polishing the car

360 degree water wax spraying

360 degree water wax spraying

360 degree uniform wax spray coating, which surrounding the whole car with wax coating to improve the glossiness of the car


High pressure quick fan drying

Using high pressure fan drying motor, high wind speed, high pressure, to achieve rapid fan drying effect, perform segmented and powerful fan drying on the whole car

SHINEWASH Prodution Workshop

Quality & Control

  • Component traceability
  • Component quality inspection
  • Detection before installation
  • Complete machine test


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Our Services

 Guarantee period: 3 years( 100,000 times), in guarantee period, if the machine have any question, we could provide the parts free of charge.

Shinewash car washing machine after-sales service

Pre-sale service:

Our professional engineer could help you draw design drawings and installation drawings, so that you can save a lot of complicated processes

Parts service: ​

We will provide enough spare parts when shipment, such as nozzels, bearing, seals, walking wheels and so on.

After-sale service:

When the machine has any question when using, we could guide you exchange the parts by video, until get better. If necessary, we could send the professional after-sales team to your shop and repair it.

Customized service:

Our car wash machine could be customized, such as main component, appearance, color, logo and so on.


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