Tunnel Car Wash System Q11

The Tunnel car wash system is also known for its low cost in terms of maintenance and upkeep. Unlike manual car washing or other forms of car wash systems, the Tunnel car wash machine does not require a lot of human resources for operation, thereby reducing labor costs. Additionally, the system uses recycled water, which makes it more eco-friendly and economical in terms of water usage.

Tunnel Car Wash System Feature:​

1. Fast car washing, high automation, safe and convenient.
2. More than 90% of the parts are imported, such as PLC, reducing motor, control system, etc.
3. Hot-galvanized mainly frame, module design, mortise and tenon structure.
4. Intelligent anti-collision system, self protection system, emergency stop system.
5. 9 brushes with foam spraying and water wax spraying shstem.
6.high work efficiency, low failure rate and easy maintenance.

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Tunnel Car Wash Machine Advantages

  • Fast car washing, high degree of automation, safety and convenience, and the car washing operation can be automatically completed without manual work;
  • The machine is composed of the whole machine frame, water circuit, electricity circuit, air circuit, cleaning and maintenance spraying system, conveyor, unique strong fixed air drying system, international general brush, industrial automation PLC control system configured with foreign brand electronic components, etc,
  • The appearance design is novel. The overall frame of the machine is first treated with high temperature phosphating and hot-dip galvanizing, and then the surface is powder painted, which is corrosion-resistant and rust-proof.
  • Unique environmental protection and water-saving system, new touch-type operation display screen, simple and easy to understand, human-machine dialogue is realized through intuitive touch screen, and automatic fault detection system makes the equipment more safe and reliable
  • The actual use cost is low, the work efficiency is more than 5 times that of the traditional manual car wash, and it has impeccable functional advantages.

Tunnel Car Wash Machine Specification:

Model11 Brushes Tunnel type Q11Water Wax Consumption12ML/Car
Machine Size (m)L15*W4*H3Electricity Consumption0.6K WH/C >ar
Max. Car Size (m)L≤L≤unlimited*W≤2.3*H≤2.1Power Supply380V/50Hz/21KW
Installation Size (m)L27×W4.5×H3.2Fan Drying MotorSIX Groups drying motor: 45KW
Suitable CarsSedans, SUVS, MPV,Pickup,etc.Top Brush1
Wash Time1.5-3 min./carBig Vertical Brush4
Water Consumption80-1 50I ./carSkirt Brush4
Foam Consumption7ML /CarHorizontal Wheel Brush2


Integrated intelligent induction system

Dense photoelectric layout, forming a comprehensive induction network and accurately collecting vehicle parameters; Intelligent call, real-time adjustment of follow-up car washing parameters, to achieve precise avoidance and no dead angle ultra clean cleaning effect.

Human-machine interface: intelligent operation, unattended, this is the future choice

Human-machine interface: intelligent operation, unattended, this is the future choice

Function: touch screen operation, man-machine interface Features: Independent operating platform, made of plastic mold, sunscreen and waterproof, with 14-inch touch screen, support credit card, coin and APP payment.

PLC control system

PLC control system

Germany SIEMENS famous brand, the system is stable, with low failure rate, long life time

EVA soft brush

EVA soft brush

Brush self-cleaning technology, no water, no dust, no sand, not easy to deform, soft without damaging car paint

Big power fan drying motor

Big power fan drying motor

which can automatically adjust the air drying power according to the vehicle model, reducing power consumption and saving energy under the condition of ensuring the air drying rateof more than 95%. The main body of the fan adopts turbine type, with noise reduction of more than 60%

SITI water proof motor reducer

SITI water proof motor reducer

Italy SITI international brand,fully enclosed integrated design,waterproof grade IP68,life time is more than 20 years

Whole plate guidance system

Integrated whole plate guidance system, automatic left and right adjustment. Rough entry, accurate guidance. Widen the conveying track, adapt to widen the tire and extend the cleaning range. quenched galvanized track system, continuous water operation, lasting bright luster.

Foam wax system

Environmental protection foam liquid: it is developed with ingenuity, decontamination and descaling, only for the safety and cleaning of car paint Coating bright wax: hydrophobic and bright, giving your car a visible protective film. Lasting care, more than three days, bright effect



Germany P+F international brand, waterproof level IP69K, accurately measure the car driving distance, predict the car location

Stainless steel pipe & nozzles

Stainless steel pipe & nozzles

Using high pressure fan drying motor, high wind speed, high pressure, to achieve rapid fan drying effect, perform segmented and powerful fan drying on the whole car;

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Quality & Control

  • Component traceability
  • Component quality inspection
  • Detection before installation
  • Complete machine test


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 Guarantee period: 3 years( 100,000 times), in guarantee period, if the machine have any question, we could provide the parts free of charge.

Shinewash car washing machine after-sales service

Pre-sale service:

Our professional engineer could help you draw design drawings and installation drawings, so that you can save a lot of complicated processes

Parts service: ​

We will provide enough spare parts when shipment, such as nozzels, bearing, seals, walking wheels and so on.

After-sale service:

When the machine has any question when using, we could guide you exchange the parts by video, until get better. If necessary, we could send the professional after-sales team to your shop and repair it.

Customized service:

Our car wash machine could be customized, such as main component, appearance, color, logo and so on.


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