Ecuador Auto Rollover Car Wash Machine Shipped

Ecuador Auto Rollover Car Wash Machine Shipped


The automatic car wash machine has a fully automatic reversing function, and with the precise adjustment of the intelligent control system, it can make personalized settings according to the size, demand and body characteristics of the vehicle, and realize the operation of automatic water spraying, brushing, blowing and waxing to ensure that each vehicle gets a professional level of cleaning effect.

Rollover car wash machine packing

The rollover automatic car wash machine S1 is also equipped with efficient water spraying and brushing systems that can quickly remove dirt and deposits from the body as well as the undercarriage, with optional professional cleaning agents and waxing protection to provide long-lasting protection for the vehicle.

Our car wash factory has been strictly controlling the quality of products and providing comprehensive support in pre-sales consultation and after-sales service. Our car wash factory focuses on user experience and technical innovation to provide customers with the highest quality car wash equipment and professional after-sales service.