Georgia Auto Rollover car wash machine shipped

Georgia customers have placed an order for Rollover Automatic Car Wash Machine S1 from our factory. This car washing machine is one of the hot-selling models of the SHINEWASH car washing machine factory. It adopts advanced technology and can provide more efficient and safer car washing services.


The rollover automatic car wash machine S1 of the car washing machine factory adopts advanced technology to provide more efficient and safer car washing services. It adopts an automatic car washing system to improve the efficiency of car washing, adopts unmanned car washing system to reduce labor costs, and adopts intelligent identification system to reduce potential safety hazards. The 5mm galvanized stainless steel frame is used to increase the service life, and EVA soft brush is used without damaging the surface of the car. Imported motors are used to seriously reduce the failure rate, and branded high-power fans are used to dry water droplets at high speed.

We provide 3 years of after-sales service to better serve customers. The customer said that the order of rollover car wash machine S1 will help improve the car wash service level of Georgian customers, and he also believes that it can bring satisfactory benefits to himself.

At the same time, SHINEWASH car wash machine factory will continue to work hard to provide customers with better car washing services, and continue to innovate car washing technology to meet more needs of customers.