South Korean 3 Touchless Car Wash Machine Shipped


Car washing machine delivery

As a leading enterprise in the Chinese car wash machine industry, SHINEWASH Car Wash Machine Factory has gained recognition and trust from customers both domestically and internationally, thanks to its outstanding technical expertise and extensive experience. Recently, we successfully fulfilled an order from South Korea, which included three customized contactless car wash machines, along with professional installation services for our clients.

Today, fully automatic car wash machines have become the mainstream choice in the modern car wash industry. They efficiently clean vehicles while avoiding potential damage that could occur from direct contact with the vehicle surface. South Korean customers had specific requirements for contactless car wash machines, seeking customization to meet their individual car washing needs.

SHINEWASH Car Wash Machine Factory is dedicated to providing convenient and efficient car washing experiences through customized solutions. We will continue striving to offer high-quality car wash machine products and services to customers worldwide.